• Grinder--The feeding inlet regurgitates
    (1)The conveying pipeline is clogged; Unchoke the clog.(2)The sieve mesh is clogged; Unchoke the sieve mesh or replace the sieve plate.(3)The rotating direction of the guiding plate is not accordance with that of the motor; Adjust the guiding plate direction or adjust the motor connection wire to change the phase;
  • Grinder--The bearing is too heat
    (1)The centers of the main shaft and motor are not concentric; Adjust it to be concentric with the main shaft.(2)The lubricating grease is too much, too little or bad. Replace the lubricating grease and refuel it in accordance with the regulations.(3)The bearing is damage; Replace the new bearing. (4)The main shaft is bent and the motor is unbalance; Align the main shaft and balance the rotor. (5)Work overload for long term; Reduce the feeding amount.(6)The model of the selected lubricating grease is wrong;Choose the Lithium base molybdenum disulfide;
  • Grinder--Strong vibration when production
    (1)Individual hammer is stuck and not thrown off; Make the hammer rotate flexibly.(2)The other parts of the motor are unbalance; Balance the rotor;(3)The installation and arrangement of the hammer are wrong; Reinstall it according to the hammer arrangement diagram.(4)The weight deviation of the corresponding two groups of hammers is too large; Readjust the hammers and make weight deviation of the corresponding two groups not exceed two gram.(5) Main shaft is bent; Align or replace a new shaft.(6)The bearing is damage; Replace the bearing.(7)Hammer and pin shaft are worn severely; Replace the whole set of new hammer and pin shaft.(8)There is no clearance between two half-couplings; Readjust the clearance within 3~5mm.(9)The couplings are not concentric; Readjust and make the deviation of the high and low not exceed 0.2 mm and the non-concentricity not exceed 1°.(10)The installation strength of the anchor is not enough; Reinforce the anchor;
  • Grinder--A significant reduction in the productivity.
    (1)The motor power is insufficient; Repair the motor;(2)The hammer is worn severely; Deflect the other end to use or replace new hammer.(3)The raw material is not fed evenly; Feed the material evenly.(4)The moisture content of feed is too high; Dry the material (5)Sieve mesh is not in accord with the requirement; Replace the sieve plate of the corresponding sieve mesh.(6) Auxiliary suction filter bag is clogged; Clean or replace the bag.(7)Aperture ratio of the sieve slice is low; Choose the sieve slice with high aperture ratio.
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