• Mixer--Material leakage at the shaft end
    (1)The packing is worn;Compress the packing or replace new packing;(2)The bottom cover and the rotor are not concentric; Adjust the bottom cover to be concentric with the rotor.
  • Extruder--Suddenly do not discharge the material after normal work.
    (1)Too much feedstock in short time.Slow down the feeding speed. (2)Foreign matters block the discharge hole.Stop the machine and dismount to clean.
  • Extruder--Poor product forming
    (1)Raw material formula is impropriety; Change the Raw material formula(2)Processing temperature is too high or too low;Reassemble the parts in the cylinder.(3)Material feeding is not uniform;Adjust until uniform feeding.(4)The moisture content is too high or too low.Reduce or increase the water adding amount or steam adding amount.(5)The blade is worn out; Replace the blade;(6)The size of the crushing particles is too big;Replace the sieving slice of the pulverizer and improve the crushing fineness.
  • Extruder--Expanded soybean meal spray out in reversed direction when in the soybean process
    (1)Feedstock is too fast and material discharging is not smoothly or clogged. Control the feeding rate and feeding amount, and readjust the distance between the discharging screw and taper screw at shaft end.(2)Screw head and pressure ring are assembled improperly.Reassemble after inspection and replace extrusion chamber;
  • Extruder--Output is decreased.
    (1)Tapered pressure ring or wear ring are worn out;Replace the tapered pressure ring or wear ring.(2)Screw head is worn severely;Replace the screw head.
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