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CHINA - Western feed history a predictor of Chinese growth

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Aidan Connolly, vice president of Alltech, addressed presentation at the 9th China Animal Husbandry and Feed Technology Economic Forum, and summarized Alltech’s vision of the future of Chinese feed industry with four points:


1. Consolidation –Feed mill number has dropped by a third while production capacity increased over 80% in the West in past 20 years. A similar trend is forecast to take place in China in the next five to ten years.

2. Automation –Three people can run a 100,000 ton capacity feed mill in the West, where in China will have 30-40 workers. Automation can not only reduce cost, but also increase manufacturing accuracy and play a part in biosecurity.

3. Consumer Demands –Today’s Chinese consumers are increasingly conscious about food quality and food safety. Feed producers must use safe and natural technologies in their production to ensure full traceability, consistent quality and biosecurity as well as significantly increase their feed efficiency.

4. Precision Nutrition –In the future, feed producers will be able to access information from real time information systems to identify the effect that nutrition is having at a genetic level, in relation to animal growth, diseases, food safety and food quality.