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Malayan Flour Mills Berhad and FAMSUN Collaborate on Aquafeed Project

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As a top agribusiness in the Asia-Pacific region, MFM covers a wide spectrum of operations. For the past quite a few years, MFM has kept regular suppliers, therefore the cooperation between MFM and FAMSUN has been an impressive stride.

Malayan Flour Mills Berhad(MFM), founded in October 15, 1966, is a pioneer in the flour milling industry in Malaysia. The company has expanded from flour milling into feed production and poultry processing in the past few decades. In January, 2016, MFM approached FAMSUN for the supply of electric control system for the seven aquatic product lines. Despite the fact that some of the host equipment had been purchased from another manufacturer, MFM, having acquainted themselves with FAMSUN’s product promotion, decided to switch to FAMSUN’s WEM control system provided that FAMSUN was responsible for the installation and delivery of the project.

Considering the urgency of the project, FAMSUN’s expert team made every effort to come up with the final technology and design plan for the seven aquatic production lines (including two reserved extrusion lines). The technology plan, offer and the new design plan for the project were respectively submitted to MFM in May, June and July. In the following two months, all the details of the project were determined thanks to the efforts of experts and directors concerned. During the period, as many as 21 meetings were held between the teams of FAMSUN and the teams of MFM.