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FAMSUN and Sunner Group Collaborate on Intelligent System Solutions

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FAMSUN signs an agreement with Sunner Development Co., Ltd. to provide Sunner Development with customized complete system solutions.Sunner Development is a subsidiary of Sunner Group which is based in Fujian Province, China. The solutions will help Sunner Development break out of the competitions from other domestic companies by introducing

smart management, auto-production and service integration to an affiliated plant with annual production of 500,000 tons. With the uplift, the labor efficiency from receiving materials to finished products distribution will improve 50%.

On December 10, Fu Guangming, president of Sunner Group and president Fan Tianming signed the agreement. Both of them expected the intelligent feed plant— the Fifth (Guangze) Feed Plant would be put to operation as soon as possible.

The plant is expected to be operational in August, 2017, according to report. According to Mr. Fu, the project will provide solid support for the strategic layout of the 350 million broiler project in Guangze, a county in the northwest of Fujian.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Fan, accompanied by Chen Fei, Purchasing Director of Sunner, visited a smart greenhouse which belongs to Fujian Fengsheng Vegetables Co., Ltd, another subsidiary of Sunner Group. Sunner commented that the group is expecting more strategic cooperation with FAMSUN in various fields.