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Intelligence Makes Everything Possible in the Future —2016 FAMSUN Feed Intelligent Factory Technical Seminar was held successfully.

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From April 20th-21st, 2016, "Intelligence Makes Everything Possible in the Future—2016 FAMSUN Feed Intelligent Factory Technical Seminar" organized by FAMSUN (Muyang Holdings)was held grandly in Yangzhou City. According to information what we got, the seminar, under the theme of "Feed Intelligent Factory", gathered more than 100 people to learn a serial of lectures together, including experts in China, Europe and the US who have decades of practice in the feed machinery field and are highly experienced in the technique design of foreign intelligent feed factories, as well as production directors of feed factories at home and abroad, technical experts, and experts from farming and animal husbandry colleges.

Group photo of the participant guests to "Intelligence Makes Everything Possible in the Future—2016 FAMSUN Feed Intelligent Factory Technical Seminar"

In the morning on 20th, Fan Tianming, chairman and president of FAMSUN (Muyang Holdings)made a welcome speech. At the beginning of his speech, he showed his greetings to all the guests, and then introduced FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) cruciform industry mode, strategic objective, core cultural connotation, some measures in the aspect of R & D innovation and related achievements. As for the ending of his speech, as Chairman Fan mentioned, in years to come, FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings)will adhere to holding high the banner of "Revitalize National Industries", revolve around "low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and intelligent", accelerate scientific and technological innovation, promote transformation of development, and make every effort to realize its dream of being the world's No. 1 brand in the field of farming and animal husbandry processing equipment, so as to build up new factories which are intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally protective. 

Fan Tianming, chairman of FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings)made a speech on the welcoming ceremony of the seminar.

Scene of the Seminar

After the welcoming ceremony, Mr. Guo Xueyuan, the chief designer of FAMSUN (Muyang Holdings) Institute, delivered a speech and shared his opinion on "Exploration on the Future Model of Feed Factories—Intelligent Factories". He approached the topic from aspects such as "the logistics for the whole factory, the intelligent management and control system with information flow and the intelligent raw material delivery system", "intelligent production workshops" and "the intelligent finished product delivery system". Based on the example of Chongqing Chia Tai Intelligent Feed Factory, he went on analysing some existing problems in the aspect of intelligentization in current feed factories with profundity and an easy-to-understand approach, and proposed that the feed production needed to transform to intelligentization. Then, Dr. Li Qingkai from FAMSUN (Muyang Holdings)Institute shared his opinion on the "Research on Granulation Processing Technology" and conducted exchanges and communications on "the quenching and tempering technology, the granulating technology, the use of steam and the cooling technology" respectively, which were the aspects that would influence the output and quality of feed pellet. 

The Seminar of intelligentization in current feed factories

Energy recovery and utilization could not only save a huge amount of money for feed factories, but also greatly reduce the impact on the environment caused by the usage of all kinds of energy resources. Mr. Hans, the president of FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) Institute's keynote speech on "Feed Factories' Energy Saving and Environmental Protection" sparked a great interest among the guests attended. He first elaborated the health district concept of feed factories, the design of workshop airflow direction and the process planning concept of raw materials crushing. Then, by providing the example of an aquatic feed factory, he introduced the energy recovery of equipment, such as drying machine, and the method to further reduce the consumption of steam and the method of feed factory odor treatment, as well as the effect these method could achieve. A keynote speech on "The Transformation and Upgrading of Automation Systems" delivered by Zhao Ming from FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) WEM Automation Company, with focus on the central control center, which was the essential part for feed factories.

Guests attending the seminar visited FAMSUNMuyang Holdings's Science and Technology Park

On the morning of 21th, Miss Merry from FAMSUN (Muyang Holdings) American Research Institute presented the Discussion on New Technique of Drying Fodder, focusing on the introduction of the energy-saving technology of dryers. She took the horizontal dryer as an example and stated the detailed plan and measures to reduce the energy consumption of dryers in many aspects of dryers such as configuration and type selection, optimization of operational parameters and automatic control. Finally an extruder expert called Ma Liang from FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) Research Institute shared us with the Extrusion Technology and Application of Aquatic Feed. Aiming at the bewilderment and challenges the industry customers faced, his study concentrated on the means of improving output and quality in the manufacturing process of expanded feed and the introduction to feed process technology of low-starch formula with high praises received from all guests.

Innovation is embedded in FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings)'s gradual growth and the company will not go further without resting on product and technology innovation. FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) has established the research and development organizations in America and Denmark up to now, shaping the R&D mode of trinity which involves Asia, Europe and America. Next FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) will set up the research institute in Germany and an extruder research institute in America to achieve the target of FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings) 's development strategy, provide the technical support with you to establish the feed mill of "low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and intelligence" and accelerate the technical innovation and transformation development of the Chinese feed industry, with an effort of fulfilling the "dream of FAMSUN(Muyang Holdings)" as the first brand of farming machining equipment area!