WEM Automation


Introduction to pellet mill/extruder automatic control system


1. Overall introduction

2. Control function

1) Click start, automatic suspension when there is no material.

2) Patented technology – striking and side channel can prevent the wet clot from blocking the equipment or skidding.

3) Unique features – free shift from manual to automatic. Prfecet combination of specialist experience and automatic running strategy.

3. Optional function 



4. Application benefit

1) Workforce reduction: For a plant with three pelleting lines, only one pelleting worker is needed for one shift.

2) Capacity increase: average capacity increase per shift is 5%-8%.

3) Energy consumption: Consumption of electricity per ton is reduced by 8% to 10%.

4) When the pelleting or extrusion worker is absent, other workers can press click start and continue the manufacturing without delay of the delivery.

5) The operator at the central control room can take over pellet mill control and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

6) The data report at the central control room enables easy production management and clear reward and punishment, improves capacity and lowers energy consumption.