WEM Automation


Product introduction

One of the most important indicators of complete formula feed manufacturing control system is that it should meet the capacity requirement of multiple categories. Therefore, the control system needs to support the rapid and convenient passing down of manufacture plan, and arrange manufacturing in time. Human operation in the manufacturing process should be recorded so that the management knows how the product is produced. Besides this, the manufacturing control system should also be flexible enough to meet manufacturer’s customized demand without affecting the designed capacity of the control system itself.

Muyang’s MyCOSTM2 control system with independent intellectual property rights can meet these requirements.

1. Leading control mode in China


MyCOSTM2 control system is based on SCADA system, which is comprised of SIMENS S7-300/400 and SIEMENSWINCC V6&7. The consistency and stability of upper and lower computer is guaranteed by SIEMENS. Attributed to the powerful multi-user and multi-task function of SIEMENS, the MyCOSTM2 control system can master tasks from single equipment control to plant or company wide complicated control.

2. Standard function


It adopts the latest MYCOS2.0 control system. All the processes can be displayed and controlled on the central computer.


Basic functions:


1Distance formula making

2Order system

3Bin storage management

4Hammermill Automatic Control

5Different Production Report

6Automatic Proportioning, data statistics and ERP docking.

7 Material shortage complement and free setting ofdischarge frequency (proportioning speed can be optimized)

8Integrated route optimization, incident tracing and bar code error proofing functions.

9Equipment maintenance and management mode.

10Integrated pre-proportioning system.

11.Automatic control system of seamless integrated pelleting, extrusion and micro weighing scale.