Grain Milling

MYP550 Rice Polisher

Advanced international standards are adopted, so the machine is characterized by safe use, convenient installation and operation, small vibration, low noise and stable performance;

High-strenght mirro-face roll is made of high-quality stainless steel, with fine and smooth surface, good wear resistance and long service life. Rice produced by this polisher is of a smooth surface and an exquisite feel;

Sieve plate is made for No. 430 stainless iron, with a nitrogen-treated surface, high rigidity, good wear resistance and a long service life;

High-pressure gas atomizing water spraying device is applied to add water uniformly and simultaneously from the front and rare ends of the polishing chamber, thus to form a gelatinous layer on rice surface, and to keep a full freshness of rice and achieve a better taste;

Feeding gate is controlled electrically for more accurate and easier control on material feeding, which can shut off the feeding gate automatically in case of too high current, to protect the machine from shut off;

Operation gate is supported by an air spring, convenient for use and maintenance;

Rational aspiration system can reduce the water content and temperature of rice effectively and make rice surface bright and clean; with good bran discharge effect and without bran residues, the preservation time of rice can be prolonged.

Intelligent automatic water adding system is applied. It can add water or break water supply automatically according to current change, so as to protect the machine from shutdown effectively;

All bearings are imported, enabling the machine to have a long service life and stable performance.