Grain Milling

MNMS18×2/MNMS25×2 Horizontal Emery Roll Rice Whitener

Different varieties of rice can be whitened by seleciton of emery rolls with different groove depths;

Strong jet-air and strong aspiration technique,the air volume passing through the whitening chamber is more than 2.5times of the air volume in common whitener, so it can effectively lower rice temperature ,reduce bran content and broken rice;

Particular rotation design of screen frame in whitening chamber, so the rice screen can be replaced conveniently and quickly;

Design of double rolls side by side ,feeding at the same time ,high output and small floor area ;

Electric current and negative pressure are all displayed by instruments,more convenient for adjustment, so it can fulfill the requirements for processing rice of different precisions;

Motor belt pulleys for emery rolls with multiple linear speeds can be provided ,this will be beneficial to processing Brown rice with different varieties.