Grain Milling

MNMLt26/MNMLt21 Vertical Iron Roll Rice Whitener

High output and little broken rice;

A split structure is used for iron roll and screw head,thus it is convenient and simple for replacement ;

All international sealed bearings are applied ,which are stable and wearable;

Sieve frame is mainly supported vertically for cleaner bran removal;

Air inlet of the fan applies a structure of patent design,which is beautiful and practical;

Material feeding seat is fitted with a cleaning outlet for timely cleaning in case of blockage of the machine;

Bran discharge seat is fitted with a bran scraping mechanism inside;it’s convenient to clean out the bran;

Compact structure arrangement,it’s able to be used in series ,without any elevator equipment;

The machine serves multi-purposes,it can be used as an iron roll for rice milling and as a polisher after humidified.